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Passionate about finding hidden patterns in financial market data? Fluent in NumPy, Pandas and tensorflow? Worked with Postgres or KDB+? If so, read on.

We seek talented computer scientists with substantial experience in handling large, real-world data sets in cutting-edge research and production environments. The role is focused on analyzing financial data to uncover hidden patterns that can be profitably exploited. It includes:
• Building large data bases to efficiently store, retrieve, and process financial market data for research and production purposes.
• Using applied statistical learning to design and develop quantitative models for predicting price movements.
• Acquiring a sophisticated understanding of financial markets and of our research culture.

We are especially interested in hearing from gifted computer scientists who have exceptional coding, data analysis and problem-solving skills, while sharing our passion for discerning the signal from the noise in financial market data.

• Advanced degree in computer science or similar technical discipline.
• Very strong programming skills in Python and production level coding experience.
• Substantial experience of processing real-world data, using relational data bases.
• Strong expertise in data science and predictive modeling techniques; solid background in statistics.
• Self-motivation and drive to find solutions to the toughest questions – end-to-end.
• Strong team player with a positive, collaborative approach to research and the desire to build and advance an inspiring company culture.

A background in finance is not necessary, but a strong scientific mindset and a genuine interest in what we do (see here, for an excerpt of our research

Artellium is an artificial intelligence startup committed to discovering alpha in the world’s data. We use the latest advances in deep learning and quantitative finance to create value for investors. Artellium was founded by two former FAU-PhDs based on their dissertation at the intersection of AI and finance.

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to and include “Computer Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer FAU” in the subject.

Artellium GmbH · ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator · Kohlenhofstraße 60 · 90443 Nürnberg