Coding exercise

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Coding exercise

While tagging the code, are we supposed to tag only the answers given by the interviewee? Or might there be cases where the questions asked by the interviewer should also be coded?

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Only the answers, unless the answer itself needs the context of the question to be understood properly. For instance if an answer would be just “No we never do that” and you think this is relevant, you’d need the question to that answer to know WHAT they never do.

Please look up the coding guidelines in the slides on the coding exercise. We have explicated this, and other rules, for you there.

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Hello Andreas, i will like to ask if you could give us a feedback on what we have already done, so as to help us correct and possibly improve our next excercise

I think it was graded for everyone at least I can see it, it’s on project dashboard, under Reports section, it appears after few seconds I think it needs some time for syncing.