Competence analysis fields meaning

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Competence analysis fields meaning

I saw from another forum post that the competence analysis form is related to the team and its competencies.
However, we didn’t quite understand what each column means. Is it the case that:

  • ‘property’ - a skill from a specific person within the team
  • ‘unique’ - if the skill is unique within the team or not
  • ‘ability to maintain’ - if the skill can be replaced if the person leaves the team

Is this what these fields mean?

Additionally, we are not sure what the ‘value’, ‘in the target market’ and ‘reviewed with other parties’ columns mean.

Could you please elaborate on that?

Thank you in advance!


Hi bez

Competence analysis focuses on both the team and the company. In this early stage, the team and the skills of the team members are more important, because the company doesn’t exist yet, but looking ahead you should think about the company properties too.

For example, you might have a developer team member who has been contributing to a specific open source project that you are trying to commercialize. This means your company will have the unique property of understanding the underlying technology very deeply and having a direct influence on the open source project, which gives your company a competitive advantage. This would be a property to record in the form. It stems from the team member, but is also a company property by extension. You can record both company and individual member characteristics.

For the other terms, too. You should look from both the team and company perspectives. For example, is a certain property unique for your company (in comparison to the competition) or can your company maintain the property in the long-term (you’re right losing a team member can be a risk in this sense, so do record it).

“Value” and “Target Market” refer to your personas and the value a given company/team property brings to them (through your products). “Reviewed with other parties” should be used if you validated your skills with an external expert of if you validated your hypothetical company property with potential customers (e.g. via the initial interviews).

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Nick