COSS Bundle 1

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COSS Bundle 1
Dear all,

While working on the first homework bundle, some questions arose and we hope you could give some clarification.

  1. We our project topic, we identified a gap in the market and therefore a unique selling point. Could we adapt the general value proposition from the pitch covering our specific ideas?
  2. Regarding the homework-template: We would propose to design the slides in a presentable pitch-way while keeping the headings and put all the explanation in arguments in the notes. Would that be in your interest or do we have to provide written text on the slides? In that matter, could you clarify whether the slides, the presentation or both will be graded?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Hi, and thanks for asking here.

Re 1. You can adapt the value proposition to what you think works best. If you stray far from the starting point, you may find something fabulous or have a mess at your hand :wink:

Re 2. I want three slides per person and that’s it. You can design as you see fit, but I need to be able to show it on my screen so I’m asking for PDF which implies that if you have the cavalry ride in on your slides in Powerpoint it may not show in PDF

Grading is simply quality of content; design quality is not relevant in this course.

Dear teaching team,

Hope you are doing fine. We have a few specific questions concerning homework bundle 1.

  1. Are we going to build our own product on or are we making a full study on clone to expand its market reach?
  2. Does the revenue stream question (slide 10) require the exact number/pricing?
  3. If we are expanding the existing software, what about its cost? Does it need to be mentioned somewhere in this homework bundle?

Thank you so much for your help!

You are not going to build a product; no coding involved here.

Your homework is to create a business model based on the business model canvas.

The “ clone” project idea is to be its own business model, not’s. Obviously, there may be similarities.

If you can create believable numbers, the better. Pure phantasy won’t work well though. You should be able to back it up.

Cost (structure) is not part of homework bundle 1.