Exercise 2

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Exercise 2
Dear SAKI Team,

i think the NER algorithm is already implemented in Flair-NLP library.
Please do we have just to use it or what is really expected?

Bests Regards

Maybe… this course is about applications of ML, which means you are supposed, indeed, to use existing libraries and their algorithms. The goal is not to implement them from scratch. There are enough challenges in understanding an algorithm, how to parameterize it, and use it.

Are we supposed to leave answers to the questions in the Jupyter notebooks or are they only there to get us to think? If we are supposed to answer them, are bulletpoints ok?

Please see the email I just sent out.

Since the notebooks already exist (with the TODOs), do we have to write a summary again?

We will send an email telling you to input selected questions from the notebook into a StudOn quiz. (It is not quiz in the narrow sense, just a form input for the homework.)

I am a bit confused cause we are able to submit a summary as usual.
Since the grade of the homework is only determined with the questions in studon, we don’t have to submit a summary, right?

Nope. Deleted the summary submission.