Exercise 9

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Exercise 9
Hi all,
I hope you all had some relaxing holidays, but all things come to an end :confused:

As seen in my last thread, you are still able to submit solutions for exercise 8 until 10th January 23:55.

BUT in order to not create any delay that would cause some trouble in the long run, Exercise 9 is now available and has the “standard” deadline of 14th January 00:00, meaning 5 minutes after 13th Janurary 23:55.

Solving Exercise 8 is not necessary in order to solve Exercise 9, what is unfortunately necessary to solve 9 are the topics Feistel Networks and DES which may be covered by the lecture on Wednesday the 8th January.

If the latter is not the case, I will have to further delay the deadline of 9, we will see :scared:

EDIT 7th January 15:00: We added one problem to Exercise 9 that can be solved with your current knowledge (9.1 GGM for arbitrary length).
Stay tuned for further updates, but a delayed deadline for this sheets seems to be highly likely…

So as of just now, I updated the sheet to put the Triple-DES task as purely optional, since DES has not yet been covered. The content of the sheet did not change, so in general working with the old one is perfectly fine.