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The topic of Exercise 1 tomorrow will be writing ontologies.
Concretely, your task will be to use Protege to write an OWL2 ontology for a university (https://protege.stanford.edu/) and export it in various formats such as RDF.

The minimal goal of the exercise session is to get a Hello World example going, at which point the task transitions into homework.
There will be no homework submission, but you will use your ontology throughout the course.

You should make sure you understand and setup the process in a way that supports you when you revisit and change your ontology many times throughout the semester.

Other than that, the task is deliberately unconstrained to mimic the typical situation at the beginning of a big project, where it is unclear what the ultimate requirements will be.

The topic of Exercise 2 today was the implementation of syntax and semantics.

Some details are given in Section 7.7 of the notes.

The example I did during the exercise session is at

The topic of Exercise 3 today was writing a relational database schema for a univis-like system.

Homework is to complete this schema.

Please add the instruction for the Homework somewhere (i.e. slides or notes).