Forum not used for AI 2

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Forum not used for AI 2
Based on the course feedback for AI 1, we’ve decided to try using studon for AI 1.

Personally, I think studon does not work as well, but I see the point of students having all their courses’ info in one place.

The studon course is “Künstliche Intelligenz 2 (SS 21)”.

To be honest, it is really nice that you listen to the feedback of all students, but I loved that AI2 (last summer) and AI1 (this winter) was on the FSI forum, as it is not closed for everyone else not in the StudOn course. And I think StudOn is no good platform… but that’s just my opinion, and as I already did both AI courses my opinion is not that important for you anyways, but wanted to share that opinion with you :wink:


I second Horsccht.

There already is a general trend of teaching sealing off (“Abschottung der Lehre”). If anyone is interested, I once identified major points, copied below (German only for lack of translation).
In my opinion, it is of everyone’s interest for posts asking for help/clarification/suggestions to teaching and lecture to be posted publicly and preserved across semesters. (Of course, there are messages better sent in private to the instructors – but I assume we’re all old enough to notice these cases carefully when they come up.)

I’ve never taken AI1 and AI2. Still I liked to sometimes read along message threads here. Not least because sometimes topics come up (e.g. natural deduction) that are actually interesting to me – and people like you, Florian, post valuable comments (e.g. the one comparing nat. ded. with empty or non-empty universes only).

Wege, wie die Lehre abgeschottet wird (in einer E-Mail von mir an den Stuve Sprat am 2020-11-08):

A. Hilfeforen nur im StudOn-Kurs und Löschung dieser nach jedem Semester (d.h. keine Archivierung alter Fragen!)
B. Skripte, Übungsblätter und Altklausuren nur noch mit StudOn-Kursteilnahme
C. Videoaufzeichnungen nur mit StudOn-Kursteilnahme (anstatt etwa öffentlich oder nur via IDM-Login)
D. StudOn-Kursteilnahme nicht offen gegenüber allen Studierenden, sondern tlw. mit begrenzter Teilnehmerzahl oder nur mit “Bewerbung”
E. Vorlesungsbesuch nur mit nicht-pseudonymisiertem Zoom oder nur nach Kontaktierung des Dozenten mit eigenem Pseudonym (falls dies überhaupt so angenommen wird vom Dozenten!).


I agree. I don’t like StudOn at all (except for uploading homeworks, which is a lot of work to implement).

But many people complained.

Multiple people even used the write-in fields to complain that we’re putting the course files in a plain HTTP-served folder (which I think is the best way do it because it makes it easy to share/bookmark links to the files) because it’s not pretty.
I’m curious if there’s a correlation with the students’ majors, but the evaluation data doesn’t let us analyze that.

My impression is that people complain that StudOn isn’t used if all but a few courses do everything on StudOn. It is perceived as an annoyance to not have everything in one place. My situation was exactly the opposite, as AI was the only course that used StudOn and didn’t fit neatly into my bookmark tree. That means logging in, manually opening what I wanted to see, wanting for the site to load, etc., etc.

There might be a correlation between majors and the preference to use studon, but the underlying cause for that is probably the average inclination of a major to use StudOn or not.

The studon forum is close to unusable. I prefer using this forum for discussions. Putting zoom links, video links, homework files, the skript and the orga stuff in studon is way better. But please don’t just post everything in single threads in the studonforum, then it’s even worse than last time.