Fully Connected Values off?

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Fully Connected Values off?
I am debugging my fully connected atm.

For the Example given we have the following matrixes:

Input = [.6,.2,.4]


bias = [0,-.05,-.1,-.15,-.2]

now if i calculate the output, it should be like this:

output = [0.10, 0.41, 0.72, 1.0, 1.34]

but the reference values are :

reference = [0.099668, 0.3884727, 0.6169093, 0.7739084, 0.8716722]

with these values, how are we supposed to stay below an error of 0.01?

Also, can someone explain to me what the difference between the output layer and the fully connected is supposed to be?

Would appreciate the Help.

Hey gilgamisch,

I had the same problem. Please have a look at this thread: https://fsi.cs.fau.de/forum/thread/18569-Assignment-14

This solved it for me.