grading of coding current week's exercise

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grading of coding current week’s exercise
Hello everyone,
is today’s coding exercise estimated at 40% of the overall coding exercises? If it’s so will we be able to make updates after grading, as the value of this week’s exercise is much higher than others?
Thank you in advance!

Hi, we will grade this week’s exercise like the two previous coding exercises. And the grade will have the same value as the previous coding exercises.

Hi all,
sorry, my fault. The first information was wrong regarding the value of the grading for the coding exercise.
The value of the grading is as follows:
15% Due CW 6 (2020-12-07) – code documents “Interview_Frank” and “Interview_Bauer”
15% Due CW 7 (2020-12-14) – code documents “Interview_Juan” and “Interview_Matthias”
40% Due CW 8 (2020-12-21) – code documents “Interview_May” and “Interview_Otto”
30% Due CW 9 (2020-01-11) – 1-2 page conclusion to the research question of your choice based on your coding

For which F-Measure there will be which grade?