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  • The magical fortune cookie told me everything.
  • FILTERing out the easy problems and PREDICTing their solution was a SMOOTH task.
  • I hope for a high reward as my memes were the best in the meme thread!
  • GAIN(ed) some points with the information entropy problem.
  • Updated my weight during exam preparation.
  • Waiting for the backpropagation of my exam results…
  • EU(a|e) = 4.0
  • As I am no neural network, I did not learn anything.
  • Was in the wrong belief state about my own knowledge regarding the exam.
  • Do neural networks breathe?

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Publishing a “Heulthread” has a long tradition, so I guess as no one else did a Heulthread so far I will continue this wonderful task after an exam to remember the best things from a course in combination with making some bad “jokes”… :wink: