Hinweise zur Prüfungsteilnahme

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Hinweise zur Prüfungsteilnahme
Anyone else unable to open the pdf Hinweise-fuer-studierende-zur-pruefungsteilnahme_WS_20_21_210204?

I can open it in the FAUMail web interface using Firefox. Maybe you could try doing it like this?

What happens when you try to open it?

Same Problem
I have the same problem, regardless of the used browser. Unfortunately I have an (incorrect) Mail forwarding established in the FAUMail, so I can’t try to open it there. For both pdf it says “(0 Byte), something went wrong”.
Could maybe somebody specify the sent information here? I would really appreciate that.

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This one?

Hinweise-fuer-studierende-zur-pruefungsteilnahme_WS_20_21_210204.pdf: https://fsi.cs.fau.de/unb-attachments/post_166115/Hinweise-fuer-studierende-zur-pruefungsteilnahme_WS_20_21_210204.pdf

Yes, thanks a lot!

can anyone upload the other PDF as well? The one illustrating where to go in and where this Ballspielhalle is?

here you go.
I have no idea why the mailing did not go through.

Plan Eingang Pru%08fungen TF_210202-1-1.pdf: https://fsi.cs.fau.de/unb-attachments/post_166131/Plan Eingang Pru%08fungen TF_210202-1-1.pdf