Homework Deadline CW8

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Homework Deadline CW8
As already mentioned yesterday in the exercise, the deadline for CW#8 at Studon is the 1st of January.
Is this really intended since it is a public holiday and still a week before the beginning of university?
Also the next homework is due on the 18th, so I guess the 11th was the intended deadline?

Please clarify :slight_smile:

yes, that’s not correct in StudOn. We will correct it as soon as possible. You can find the correct dates for the coding exercise in the slides (Coding Exercise) on StudOn.

On slide 2 you can see:

  • Due CW 8 (2020-12-21) – code documents “Interview_May” and “Interview_Otto”
  • Due CW 9 (2020-01-11) – 1-2 page conclusion to the research question of your choice based on your coding