Homework Summary Section

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Homework Summary Section
Hi everyone!

  1. Should the summary section also include a detailed description of the task? Meaning something like:
    “The dataset contained the following fields […]”
    “The task was to classify into the transaction categories […]”

  2. Another question: How technical should the description be? Should we go into detail which function we used for e.g. reading the dataset? Or if we perform parameter tuning, should we describe HOW we do it? Or is this all visible from the code?

  3. How much effort should we put into describing which features we used or didn’t use for classification?
    For example, is it sufficient to say that the index does not provide insights into the data or should we go into detail and say that it doesn’t provide valuable information because the classification doesn’t depend on the position within the dataset and permuting the dataset should not affect classification?

Sorry for the spam, just want to make sure, that I do everything as it is expected without creating extra or redundant work for you.

Best regards and thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, this is not really an answerable question. As a general rule, lay-out what you think is important to say, up to a detail that you go above the homework page length. Then cut and cut as much as you can. Take a look at the template again, the grading rubric, and what we say about what we expect.