Need/want 5/10 ECTS Project/Praktikum? (The 2013 AMOS Project at FAU.)

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Need/want 5/10 ECTS Project/Praktikum? (The 2013 AMOS Project at FAU.)
Hello everyone,

are you looking for a 5/10 ECTS student Project/Praktikum? Here is why the
2013 AMOS Project might be for you:

  • companies like DATEV, Elektrobit, Develop Group, Bosch, Audi, etc. help
    making it a real experience

  • you earn 5/10 ECTS while learning agile methods, incl. Scrum, as needed in

  • you work on a fun mobile device or server application in a 4-6 person team

The 2013 AMOS Project runs as a Praktikum (Bachelor) or Project (Master)
during Summer Semester 2013. Students form groups of 4-6 students and choose a
project from a list of industry provided ideas (or bring their own). Not only
does industry provide ideas, they also provide requirements, and would like to
talk with you to make this as realistic as possible. Thus, an industry coach
will help you figure out the high-level requirements and will provide on-going
feedback as to how well you are doing.

Here are some of the project ideas:

  • Audi: Productive Games at Audi. Develop fun casual games to help people
    relax during work breaks!

  • Audi: Visualization of Process State at Audi. Visualize structure and key
    figures of Audi’s world-wide factories!

  • Bosch: Vulnerability Assessment Tool. Determine vulnerabilities in software
    products by looking at their open source components!

  • DATEV: Social Media in Steuerkanzleien. Analyze social media to help tax
    advisors better serve their clients!

  • Develop Group: Software Forge mit Team Foundation Server. Take open source
    practices to traditional software tooling!

  • Elektrobit: Ford SYNC Car Infotainment App. Pipe Spotify through your cell
    phone into Ford’s in-car infotainment system!

  • Elektrobit: Inventory Management with RFID. Collect inventory of all sorts
    of devices using an RFID reader!

  • Stadt: Offene Daten Nürnberg mit Mobile Device. Show Nuremberg’s open data
    on a mobile device and “mash-it-up”!

… and more to come yet.

Industry is really interested to work with us and to make this a fun
experience for everyone involved. All software will be developed as open
source software. Students play the roles of Scrum product owner (requirements)
and Scrum software developer (engineering).

For (a bit) more information, check-out

Also, please register on StudOn at

where we will provide details about the available projects when the summer
semester comes closer. We will also need to be able to reach you before
classes start so that we can help form teams before the semester. So again,
please register on StudOn where we can reach you easily by email.

Also, don’t forget to tell your friends. There is plenty of space for fun

If you have thoughts, questions, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to send them
to me.

Best wishes,

Dirk Riehle
Professor for Open Source Software

PS: If UnivIS tells you it is not available in your degree program—don’t
believe it and please let me know.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle, Friedrich-Alexander-University
Open Source Research Group, Applied Software Engineering
Web:, Email:
Cell phone: +49 157 8153 4150 or +1 650 450 8550