Neural Network Assignment Feedback and Outlook

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Neural Network Assignment Feedback and Outlook
Dear students,

during the tutorials and here on the forum we have received some comments on the neural network assignment. For this reason I would like to open this thread as an opportunity to give feedback on the assignment.

A little bit of background: the assignment’s code was originally written by Marcel Rupprecht in Java. In addition there used to be a neural network competition where students could improve on the reference implementation in any way they wanted.

For this year’s iteration Tom Wiesing did a pretty much one-to-one translation of the code into Python. This should already answer some of the questions you had such as “why did you not use NumPy”.

If you have lots of ideas on how to improve this assignment: we are still looking for somebody to take over this assignment in the future and run the neural network competition. We might even find a way to pay you for it ;). So let us know if you are interested!

I would like to propose to hold the competition through Kaggle InClass competitions [1].
I have seen that several universities offer this. It might simplify things for everyone and also give students a good starting point to participate in the other AI competitions on the website.