Next weeks Quiz

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Next weeks Quiz
Which slides will be relevant for next weeks quiz (18.01)?
The quiz has the title “NYT Quiz - E02 Test 2021-01-18” but i can’t find the E02 slides anywhere.

It also seems like the the dates in the course index and studon are out of sync.


Thanks for pointing this out. I uploaded E02 on survey research to StudOn.

Next week it will be controlled experiments with the video and guest lecture slides.

So the Quiz next week will be about this Video: and the guest lecture from today?

Then it would be a good thing to rename the Quiz. It currenlty is called “NYT Quiz - E02 Test 2021-01-18”.

You are off by one week. This week ist surveys, next week is controlled experiments. The quiz of next week logically belongs to this week i.e. surveys. Hence Wagner’s lecture + my slides.

I realize that this is out of sync (my bad) with the homework, but the homework thread runs in parallel anyway so it doesn’t hurt (much) that you read up on controlled experiments already.

So, next week’s Quiz (not next weeks topic) will be about E02 (Survey Research) + Wagner’s slides?

I thought you referred to the quiz here.

The quiz named NYT Quiz - E02 Test 2021-01-18 which you need to take on Jan 18th will be about slide deck E02 and the corresponding lecture.

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Could you please provide us with the guest lecture slides of Prof. Wagner?