ODAcity Server Quota

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ODAcity Server Quota
Oh come on…

Is this a daily quota and when does it reset?

Still down!

that’s bad because it works for other students. For me, QDAcity works, too.
Please try to delete your browser cache or try another browser.
What do you see if you open: https://realtime-service.qdacity.com/?

Getting this msg: Welcome to realtime-service:8080@1601446164645.

Since last evening 6pm, its showing error quota for me. Coudnt do anything coz of this.

Till 10mins back it showed that error. now only its opening.

It worked again around ~9 (had nothing todo with the browser)

We have a daily spending limit. When that is reached this error occurrs. As far as I can see our spending limit was not reached, but I have heard reports from other people where the application could throttle usage already at 50% of the limit, which indeed was exceeded yesterday. I’m uncertain if that is really related, but we’ll investigate, and to eliminate this possibility I have doubled the daily spending limit for now.

Can you pls give time till tomo morning then to complete evrything?