[Official] Exam metadata

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[Official] Exam metadata
We’ve finished setting the exam.
I won’t exclude any topics here. But I can tell you the following:

Unless we make last minute changes,

  • there will be 12 problems
  • for 95 points in total
  • 90 of which give a perfect score.

The points are assigned to correspond roughly to 1 minute/point.
All problem and (if applicable) subproblems are marked with their point value, and you can use that to judge how much time to spend.
Especially, if a question asks for free text (e.g., "Explain … " or “Why …?”), you should use the point value to estimate how long we expect a perfect answer to be.

All problems are generally similar in style to previous exam problems.
People doing well on old exams should do well on this one, too.
But all problems are new - so memorizing solutions to old exams won’t help.

12 Problems from different topics?

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I don’t fully understand this. Will I get a grade of 1.3 if I get 89 points? Or are there officially 90 points in total, and a “Bonus Task” that gives me extra 5 points?

I assume it is similiar to old exams. Thus: e.g. Topic 1 with Problem 1.1, Problem 1.2
Might be ~6 Topics with 2 problems each, but could also be that some topics have more (or less) Problems than others.

All problems together are worth 95 points. But we’ll scale the grades so that 90 points is 100%, i.e., 5 bonus points.

Perfect, thanks! :slight_smile: