[Official] Exam review

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[Official] Exam review
We’ll publish the solutions and do the exam review session in the first week of the new semester.

We’ll announce the details in this thread.

The exam review for the recent AI 1 and AI 2 exams will take place

Friday, April 9, 14:00-18:00,
in room 00.131-128 https://univis.uni-erlangen.de/form?__s=2&dsc=room/view&rooms=tech/IMMD/profes_1/001311&dir=tech/IMMD/pkosy&lvs=tech/IMMD/pkosy/wuv_4&sem=2021s&uline=table&__e=708

Due to Corona occupancy rules, only 5 people can review at the same time.
To avoid queues at the entrance, please use https://bimestriel.framapad.org/p/ai to coordinate time slots.
As usual, it helps if you bring your phone to conveniently scan the contact tracing QR code.

Substantially fewer people signed up than expected.

So we’ll end the exam review once the last registered student is done (maybe around 15:30) and won’t wait until 18:00 in an empty room.

People who signed up for 14:20 may want to arrive a little later to spread the load.

Sorry for not coming

sorry, I signed up at 14:20 but noted the wrong date. I just recognized that it was today, so it was definitely not my intention to waste your time.
I will try to arrive as soon as possible and hope that you are still there.

Kind regards