[Official] The AI-1 grades have been posted.

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[Official] The AI-1 grades have been posted.
Dear Students,

I have just posted the AI-1 grades. They contain your exam grade* and your bonus points from the homeworks.

As (obviously) almost all of you have been very surprised by the POP problem (and the grades were less good than expected), we have turnted the points from the POP problem into bonus points – this solved both problems.

I still maintain that a statement like “you should manage the exam if you do well on the old ones” does not restrict me to the problems covered in previous exams; Also not to the exact form of problems like in the old exams. After all, the material in the lecture is the basis on what you are graded.

The fact that the exam was doable even before the re-scaling of the exam was witnessed by multiple 1.0 grades (after the rescale there were more).


Michael Kohlhase

Well, I guess changing the POP problem points to bonus points is fair.

The exam was different then the others, but was still okay. Do you intend to make similar changes to the AI II exam next semester? Or will the AI II exam be more like the old AI II exams?

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I did not find the exam extraordinarily hard - except for the last problem.

I had an extremely stressful week before the exam: Another exam on thursday, submit the last assignment until friday night, there were videos scheduled in that week still, also for other courses. I spent a lot of time preparing for the exam but there was just so much else to do still. So I did not spend too much time on the last topics to be honest. There was simply not enough time.

Anyway, thank you for changing the last problem into a bonus problem. That is very fair and I think we all know that you would not have had to change a thing about that situation. I guess we are all grateful :slight_smile:

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It is a bit early to say, but as the main motivation for the changes are to make corrections easier (which I consider successful), I would guess there will be changes in the style as well.

Dear Students,

we have just discovered a problem in the calculuation of the spreadsheet, which changed most of the grades to the positive. So please have a look at your grades again and enjoy.

Have a good spring break,

Michael Kohlhase


[quote=kohlhase]I still maintain that a statement like “you should manage the exam if you do well on the old ones” does not restrict me to the problems covered in previous exams;[/quote]If I were you, I would simply avoid such statements in the future. Even though the situation was handled in a very student-friendly way.

I’m not surprised the POP problem was the worst. It was the only topic we did not talk about in the tutorials and there was no homework. I guess this would have been different if it had been a normal semester with two more tutorials and assignments. Of course it is a little bit “unlucky” that the exam got changed this year but I think it covered more of the actual things we did than the old exams. The students next year will see that the exam can look different compared to old ones and will adjust their preparation.

Do you already know when and where the “Klausureinsicht” will take place?


Klausureinsicht / exam review
Hello together,

Tim Raven asked:

This might be interesting, especially for planning the next weeks (until the next exams).
So, do we already know how the exam review will take place this semester?

Thank you,

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