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I have some questions regarding the Positioner. I am convinced that most of these question are not understandable.

1 question: Why do we do this for you?

The answer of most companies would be to make money :slight_smile:

For this reason, I do not undestand the question “Why do we do this for you?”

2 question: “How do we do this for you?”

Should we explain the detailed process step by step? Because I can not image to describe step by step from the technical point of view.

3 question: “What do we do for you?”

We do a product for you in order to solve your problem :slight_smile:

Again, I do not undestand the question. Consequently, I do not know how to answer.

Thank you for your explanation.

Best Regards


Hi Tomas

Before I answer your questions, keep in mind that you can change and paraphrase the questions in the forms as you see fit. These forms are supposed to help you think about different aspects of your business plan, but they are flexible.

Now to your questions:

Imagine you talk to your potential customers. You probably won’t tell them that they should buy your product just to make you some money :slight_smile: Instead, you should think of what customer needs your product solves, what the most valuable aspects of your product(s) for different user groups are. For example, your product/service might be helping customers save time, so the answer to this question would be “to help you save X amount of time every week in company-internal communication”, for example.

It’s up to you how technical you want to get here. The essential part is to help you position your product(s) in relation to different user personas. Continuing the previous example of saving time, you might want to tell your potential users how exactly your product will help them save time, what parts of their work will be optimized and how. Of course, it can get technical, so discuss this part with the developer in your team to identify what technical solutions are feasible.

For each type of problem and for each user persona you could have a different product with a specific feature configuration, you can have a product portfolio with different variations of products (e.g. education license, standard license, pro license, enterprise license). Different products in your portfolio will help you capture a larger market and will later help with pricing.

Think about these questions in more depth. Your goal should not be to complete all our forms with quick but superficial answers. Instead, use them to reflect on your business plan and try to have actual potential customers in mind when answering.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Nick