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hi Andreas,

please i have still not received any notification in my email from you to access the QDAcity exercise. I used my gmail account to resgister the QDAcity. I hope that is not a problem.


As far as I can see, you already have a copy of the project. I’m assuming Julia authorized you some time today. Please check on your dashboard after you logged in on the right side in the project panel, there should be a project named “UXD in Product Lines” that is your copy, and you can work on it.

Dear Andreas,

Could you also validate my request? I submitted it 20-30 minutes ago.
Thank you very much in advance!

Dear Andreas,

I had used the the ‘Sign-in With Google’ option for signing in to qdacity a couple of days back. I had requested for ‘recoding’/ access for materials using the same method as well. Today, i am unable to login to qdacity using ‘Sign in with Google’ method. Hence i registered with the same google email id again on qdacity. I am able to login now, but not able to see any documents. I believe that qdacity has considered it as a different user and not the same user (Google user). Either grant access to the new request or please let me know how i can sign in using the 'Sign in with google option;

Thanks and Regards,
Kiran Divakar

I think you were in the batch I authorized a few hours ago. If you don’t have access, let me know.

Yes those would be two separate accounts. It is possible to assign multiple logins (google / email&password) to one account, but that is only through the user settings, I’m assuming that is not what you did.

I have authorized the latest request I have on file for you as well. Hope that covers the account you actually ended up using.

Thanks a lot Andreas