Quest for JavaScript Dev

EXIST-Gruenderstipendium funded startup in Zollhof

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Quest for JavaScript Dev
We are officially funded by the EXIST-Gruenderstipendium.
You will be PAID .
We are looking for a student or graduate who wants to join the team.

Whammychat is a platform for short-lived and playful chat-rooms.
Think of it like the Reddit on steroids :slight_smile:

Short-lived - each chat-room created lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes.
Playful - a big component of gaming is integrated. Users can battle each other mid-chat to prove a certain point by using skills, which enable them to damage, heal and decorate other messages.
Chat-rooms: a certain topic can be discussed with friends and/or strangers.

Preview video (from prototype):
OR visit our website:

We are a team of four:
Business/Marketing developer, back-end developer, game designer and front-end developer.


  1. Experience with JavaScript – Does not have to be a professional.

  2. It can be a full-time or part-time job.This can be agreed upon after meeting.

  3. Located in Nürnberg or somewhere in the vicinity e.g. Erlangen.

If you believe in the idea and think that we can make this the biggest messenger, please do get it touch with us: