Summary of codes submission CW09

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Summary of codes submission CW09
Hi team,

do we need to use the exact sentences in the interview transcripts? if yes, then with quotation marks " " always?
Or we can rewrite the ideas we collected in our own words and make it more or less our understanding of the interviews, to answer the specific research questions?

I am a bit unclear at this point, when you said we have to use the codes for writing this.

Also, is it allowed to add some conclusions or own opinions along the summary in-between the coded content? Or it should completely come out of the coding text?
Thank you and have a great holiday!

It is up to you. If the usage of an exact sentence fits into your summary, then use it. An yes, then you have to use quotation marks.
Sure, you can use your own words, the codes and the coding will help you.
To answer your research question you also can include your own opinions.