Talk on developer-centric software security on Oct 8 at 2pm

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Talk on developer-centric software security on Oct 8 at 2pm
Lehrstuhl Informatik 1 is hosting a talk on secure programming methods on Monday, October 8 at 2pm: what are the best practices, which methods are used in industry and why. You are cordially invited to the talk.

Who: Hala Assal, PhD, Carleton University (Ottawa)

Time and place: Monday, October 8 at 2pm in the Informatik 1 seminar room (12.150), Martensstr. 3

Title: Developer-centric software security

Abstract: Usable security for software developers is a research direction that is in its early stages. Even though developers typically have technical expertise, they are not necessarily security experts and need support when dealing with security. This talk will discuss software security from a human factors perspective based on empirical studies with professional software developers. Taking a holistic view of the problem, the talk will touch on how real-life software security practices compare to best practices, how developers acquire security knowledge, and the motivators and deterrents to software security.

Sounds like an interesting talk. Is it also open to the general public or at least alumni of the university?

Yes, the talk is open to the general public.

Unfortunately, this talk has to be canceled due to a medical emergency. We apologize for any inconvenience.