The 2014 AMOS Projects [10 ECTS Projekt]

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The 2014 AMOS Projects [10 ECTS Projekt]
Hello everyone,

we are happy to announce the 2014 AMOS Projects, our 10 ECTS Projekt/Praktikum course.

As you may be aware, we bring in industry partners to work with student teams to make the engineering experience as realistic as possible.

For the SS 14 we will have:

  1. SAP with the Sailing Race Course Designer (tablet app, Android)
  2. Develop Group with a cross-platform mobile app for hospitals (tablets, multiple platforms)
  3. SOLYP with a management dashboard application
  4. DATEV with an application for routing using OpenStreetMap

For more information (project descriptions), please see the StudOn section available through the course schedule here:

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Here with links:

Hello everyone,

it appears I need to clarify work effort / class presence.

The AMOS project runs for 2-4 hours on Wednesdays, starting at 10:15 Uhr. It does not go until 18 Uhr; we’ll stop at 13:45 Uhr the latest.


  1. The first three weeks, we’ll have lectures/tutorials from 10:15-11:45 Uhr, followed by guided exercises (team work) from 12:15 to 13:45 Uhr.

  2. With the start of the fourth week, we’ll have initial questions at 10:15 Uhr, followed by guided exercises (team work) after that. We may finish at 11:45 Uhr or a bit later.

  3. The project teams need to have self-organized meetings on Wednesdays before or after class.

I hope this clarifies some of your questions on class presence

Best regards,
Dirk Riehle