Welcome to WS 2020/21

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Welcome to WS 2020/21
Dear (prospective) LBS Students,

the course Logikbasierte Sprachverarbeitung (LBS) will be online at https://fau.zoom.us/j/94749607403, starting November 3. 12:15.

We will chose the language (English or German) by what the students understand best. The course notes and other resources of the course will be published at https://kwarc.info/teaching/LBS.

We will use this forum for communication about the course.

Regarding the lecture times

on Univis it says “Time and place: Wed, Thu 10:15 - 11:45” which implies 10:15 for Wednesday and Thursday, however it’s 12:15 on Wednesday according to the post above. So when does the Wednesday lecture take place?

Best regards,

PS: The exercise of another small course takes place on Thursday 10:15 as well. How firm are you regarding the timeslots? Since this is a small course: Could we maybe agree to a different time?

Hi Tobs40,
that post is actually from last year. Afaik, LBS is supposed to be in presence this semester.

Edit: There is a post explaining the format in the forum of the StudOn course.

Thank you, my bad! .__.

But that’s actually where the link on univis points to.