win loss report

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win loss report

We have a question regarding the win loss report for the first homework assignment. Given template that you provided and that we should use we have to fill in a lof of information regarding the final sales pitch and the pricing of our idea and the feedback we get from our costumers about that. But from our personal understanding of the project we are not so far along in defining the business idea plus we don’t have potentiell interview partners that would give us hints about a potential sales deal.
So now we are a bit confused about what we should fill in this template and what is the main idea about the win loss report?

Hi nieda

Check out my answer to another student -

In a nutshell, your questions in the win/loss interviews will depend on your product portfolio. If you are working on an existing open source project, it will be easier to find actual users of the software and interview them. If you are working on a new project, you should define an early version of your product (or products) and ask questions to potential users (can be your fellow students or people working at a company that would be a potential customer of yours etc.). Make sure to document your assumptions and base your interview questions on those assumptions.

For us, it’s important to see how you approach this and how you use actual or potential users to better understand the value of your products, the challenges they solve, the expected price, the competition, and so on. We don’t expect you to fill in everything in these templates. Adjust them as you see fit and focus on the questions that you could ask potential customers after pitching your idea to them. Feel free to add new questions, too. This data you collect now will help you a lot during the next parts of the business plan including competition analysis, market analysis, and positioning, product roadmap, etc.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Nick