Wrong Solution Exam WS1617?

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Wrong Solution Exam WS1617?

I think I have found a small mistake in the solution of the exam WS1617.

Problem 2.2 3)
O can also be pruned because of the 9 in N. Max-Player knows with N > M that Min-Player will choose E in B.
K, Y, Z can also be pruned because after Max-Player found 6 in J which is smaller than M, the rest of D won’t be interesting anymore.

Am I right?

Anyway, we can use this thread if someone will find another. :wink:


I agree. Just for completeness, the solution should be: O HRS ITU KYZ

This is by the way also what the solution of WS1819 says, where the same Game Tree was given

Correct. This was already fixed in the question database, but the old exam had not been regenerated.