Communication, distribution and portfolio strategy

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Communication, distribution and portfolio strategy

Could you explain us what exactly we have to do for the communication, distribution and portfolio strategy and in which form we should generate our results?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey nieda

It’s a very general question. It’s up to you to find some methods to define your communication, distribution, and portfolio strategy. Our forms guide you in some aspects, but you should look for more holistic methods online.

The general logic is the following:

  • you already defined user personas and your product (or products as part of a portfolio)
  • now you should use the forms provided to match market needs with user personas and offer your products as solutions to user needs (different personas will need different solutions)
  • as part of the positioning (see the forms) you also define your primary message to your potential customers (this is the basis of the communication strategy, but you need to define an overall strategy for different user segments and your startup’s phases of development)
  • define a distribution strategy that helps you get your products to specific user groups based on documented assumptions and market research.

You can document your findings in text and submit as part of the submission PDF, but don’t forget to also add several slides covering these topics to the submission.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Nick