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Good day,

I was wondering if there are more Information when and how the exam is being held.

Thank you!

I thought Michael and Florian wanted to discuss that today in the afternoon lecture.

We fixed Aug 6 and Aug 14 as possible days today.


So it’s going to be a oral or a written exam?

It’s an oral exam. (Note that I am only a student, too, in case my answer reads as if I were faculty.)

In that case: how are Timeslots distributed?

I don’t know but I noticed that Mein Campus says “Klausur 90 Minuten” (exam 90 minutes) for WuV.

Since Exams are coming closer, I once again ask, how we are informed about our timeslots?

These were given in the lectures and repeated in the Q&A session yesterday. Perhaps you should just attend once in a while? :slight_smile:
I guess the only way is to e-mail Florian now.