Hacking Contest | ESA und Fraunhofer SIT

Liebe Studierende,

wir laden Euch herzlich ein zum PWN THE ROVER Hacking Contest der ESA und Fraunhofer SIT!

WANN? Dienstag, 17. Oktober, ab 9 Uhr
WO? ESA-European Space Operations Center; Robert-Bosch-Straße 5, 64293 Darmstadt.

Jetzt anmelden unter: https://www.pwn-the-rover.space/

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Das Hacking-Contest-Orga-Team von ESA und Fraunhofer SIT

Hacking Contest
Welcome to the Pwn The Rover Hacking Contest! Step into the year 2075, where the fate of the Mars Research Station lies in your hands. A suspected cyber attack has cut off all communication, and it’s up to your expert team, specializing in remote operations and cybersecurity, to take charge and save the day!

Take control of a small robotic asset and navigate through obstacles within the station. Your goal is to repair the malfunctioning systems, solve challenges, and protect your rover from cyber attacks. But watch out - other teams are also there to take the cake!

Prove your skills in the qualifying challenge to secure your spot in this epic interplanetary adventure. The contest offers real-world cybersecurity scenarios, putting your abilities to the test. Join now and be part of history as you Pwn The Rover and conquer the challenges on Mars!

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