Portfolio Strategy & Technological Analysis

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Portfolio Strategy & Technological Analysis
Hi COSS Team,

I have a question regarding Portfolio Strategy and Technological Analysis.

  1. What do you mean by Portfolio Strategy? One can find different definitions and approaches to this. So what do you understand by it? A definition or a link to an adequate source would be great!
  2. What do you understand by Technological Analysis? The first aspect “Meet a persona who knows the technology of your product well” seems a bit impractical for this kind of project. First, no group here has an existing project nor is there a concrete technology (stack) that could be evaluated. Also the given template with the task does not help here.

Thank you in advance for the concretization of your tasks.

Hi Johnquil

We don’t have a specific definition. Feel free to define it yourself and follow a framework of your choice.

The logic is to offer different product variations (e.g. subscriptions, licenses, products in a product line, etc.) to match the needs of different personas (e.g. enterprise customers, students, pro users, episodic users, etc.) with according feature sets, pricing, etc. Your interviews and personas will be very helpful when defining your product portfolios and portfolio strategy.

You can take a look at my answers to other students on the topic. Essentially, you had to either take an existing open source project and build a business model based on that or define a new project yourself. In the former case, you should research the existing open source project and the underlying technology (your developer can help here), plus you should reach out and try to find experts (or at least other engineering students) to talk to in order to better understand the technology (including complexity, feasibility, effort, costs, etc.). If you can’t find an expert, then you should do your own research and document your findings. Think about it from the business plan perspective though. What features are feasible given your technological constraints (time and money), what you should focus on and how.

Hope this helps.

Good luck, Nick