Structure of the course

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Structure of the course
Dear Students,

As you have been informed by the university, all courses will start regularly but take place online only.

That is a considerable disruption of the usual procedures, and we will have to adapt along the way to these new circumstances.
In particular, Michael and I are open to your feedback on how we can optimally deliver our lectures.

For now, we will aim for doing per week

  • one asynchronous video lecture, which will focus on presenting the theory and will be supported by slides and/or lecture notes,
  • one synchronous zoom lecture, which will focus on presenting material interactively and answering questions,
  • one practical lesson (Übung), which will focus on assignments and working with state-of-the-art tools.

The first synchronous zoom lecture will take place on Thursday April 23 in the regular time slot.
The first practical lesson will take take place the week after.

Further information (e.g., the zoom meeting id) will be published in this thread.

Michael and Florian

Are the lectures being recorded and made available?
This would greratly help due to some course overlapping.

I don’t plan recordings at the moment.

But because this course is given for the first time, things are very open, and we’ll discuss things in the lecture.